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We've seen every kind of gas heater known to man, and have the experience to service them.

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Standby power


No matter it be a nor'easter or a hurricane, you will hardly notice with a high quality standby power source. These generators activate automatically when the power goes out, wither you are home or not. Never again worry about the pipes bursting or the food in the freezer spoiling.

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Efficient and economical to install, this little heater will do the job and then some.

Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnaces create an ideal heating solution for hard to heat areas. Thanks to the second law of Thermodynamics, this Ultra-efficient wall furnace will heat your whole home in the coldest weather.

Boilers and furnaces require annual maintenance to remain reliable. Something as innocuous as a dirty air filter can significantly reduce the life of a high efficiency furnace. High efficiency boilers require the heat exchangers to be cleaned annually, failure to do so can lead to a premature total failure of the boiler. Even low efficiency boilers and furnaces need their burners pulled and cleaned every year. Not doing this simple task can lead to soot, both in your boiler and into your house.